Binnenkant trapkast

For gift-wrap, but maybe also for my bedroom - necklaces, belts. Or all the kitchen clobber.

Pastoe berken serie Braakman

Dutch furniture designer Cees Braakman acted as manager and design director at UMS-Pastoe from Never "formally" train.

Boekenkast 01

Use the rafters area or ceiling area of a basement, storage room, or closet to store books like a book shelf. Creative use of small spaces, small rooms to organize books.

Lees je boekenkast... mooi maar ook handig? Enkel deze foto

ABC bookcase All the great ideas are simple and this motto is so true when you look at the "Read Your Book Case", designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti, for the italian furniture design firm Saporiti.

meubel,eiken vloer,meubels,eettafel,dressoir, boekenkast

meubel,eiken vloer,meubels,eettafel,dressoir, boekenkast

Wandkast Pastoe

Pastoe - Pastoe Cupboards: Boxes - Design: studio pastoe - 2011 wall mount only?

Een duidelijk motto voor een boekenkast.

library READ - Oh, I must ad this to my dream book case list! I will need 50 rooms just to get all of my book case ideas in!

boekenkast Kwan @ GURU design online

Bookcase Kwan (Chinese for stick) has been inspired by the way laundry is dried in China: on horizontal sticks hanging from the window. By studio ditte