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a close up view of a wooden cabinet
New Age Veneers
Navurban™ Byron Blackbutt ACU joinery detail
a pink and yellow table on wheels against a white background in the shape of a cage
The TESAMMANS collection – IKEA Global
The TESAMMANS collection – IKEA Global
a counter top with different types of tiles on it and wood paneling in the background
Gallery of 024 Apartment / ŠA atelier - 3
a white door with a black handle on it's side and a round knob in the middle
Semi Pull
The small SEMI pull is perfect for when you want your handle to almost disappear. SEMI can be rebated discreetly within the edges of your doors or drawers. Its small size yet curved pull allows for an easy finger grip without taking up precious space on your joinery application. Available in charcoal matte finish. 20W