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Shake + Shield No-See-Ums Repellent – Body Mist - Combo
Our spray is made with a proven combination of plant-based essential oils that deters biting insects. Uniquely formulated to repel no-see-ums, but also works to repel mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, sand flies and black flies. Made with plant-based, natural active ingredients No synthetic colors or fragrances Long-lasting protection for hours at a time Safe for use on kids when used as directed
Shake + Shield Bed Bug Repellent – Room & Linen Spray
We balanced our all-natural room and linen spray to smell pleasant enough to spray on your pillows, sheets and luggage and effectively keep them away. When going somewhere new, spray on pillows, bedding and luggage upon arrival and spray again before going to sleep. We recommend spraying a minimum of two times per day, but with our formula having natural active ingredients, it is safe to spray as often as you like.