Skagit Valley, WA by Douglas Dietiker. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a tourist destination in Northwest Washington State.

Hema rookworst.

I used to buy this sausage (another Dutch staple), every time I'd go to the Kalverstraat in A'dam. (it kind of tastes like the Kielbalsa smoked sausage in the US), but much better tasting though.

Het Wilhelmus.

Het Wilhelmus is the Dutch national anthem which is mostly sung at sports contests.

. Dat mensen nog steeds de vlag heisen op bevrijdingsdag en de vlag gebruikt voor een schets en onderwerp

At the of may, the Netherlands celebrate that they are free from the German occupation during the second world war. This is symbolised by a 2 minutes silence.

nederlandse voetbal krans

nederlandse voetbal krans

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