Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

What a great way to do a timeline. Different groups could be responsible for certain periods of time. When it's all finished, invite another class in to see what has been learned!

Timeline: Middle and South America History

Timeline clothespins: This would be so cool to have each student add the famous person's name and the birth year of the person he/she studied. (Site in another language, but you can see the idea!

Fijne motoriek - knippen - Lespakket

Fijne motoriek: hoe leer je een kind knippen

Fijne motoriek - knippen - Lespakket

kid's craft

Glue Ghoulery Necklace - Draw ghost outlines on parchment paper with white glue; let set five seconds. Fill in with more glue. Let dry two days, and peel off. Draw face with felt-tip pen. Punch small holes at top; weave string through.

Punch Game Setup

Energetic Activity: Letter Sound Punch Game