guldens dubbeltjes kwartjes

Dutch coins before the Euro. They were called "guldens, kwartjes, dubbeltjes, stuivers" centen en rijksdaalders


in-the-middle-of-a-daydream: “ J. Boldoot, Eau de Cologne Parfumerie, Amsterdam by Henri Privat-Livemont - ”

Traditional Costumes of The Netherlands

Buttons & Fabrics: Traditional Costumes : Dutch Costumes on Postage Stamps Hindeloopen, Spakenburg en Huizen

Dutch tea lepeltjes

dutch spoons-a boy once won these for me at a dutch fair when I was little:)

12-11-11  Dutch Advertising Poster for Cacao Bensdorp. 1910

Dutch Advertising Poster for Cacao Bensdorp. The women wear the traditional clothing of the provinces of Volendam and Zuid-Beveland.

Rie Cramer

Rie Cramer, a famous Dutch children book illustrator who was born here in Get inspired!

Dutch coffee grinder

Dutch coffee grinder, We used to have one on our Kitchen wall! The little glass draw slides out after you've ground enough for use!

Stoombootdienst Marken - Voldendam

Stoombootdienst Marken - Voldendam (travel brochure) by Artist Unknown

artist unknown ~ Holland-America Line luggage label, c.1930

The Netherlands Artist Unknown Holland-America Line (Luggage Label), 1930 ca.