Lotte Van De Veen

Lotte Van De Veen

The Netherlands🇳🇱 / (I'm the girl on the right☝🏼️) Feminist💛 "Don't judge a book by it's movie." Ravenclaw💙 Harry Potter Always⚡️ (see what I did there😏)
Lotte Van De Veen
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Supernatural using ideas from Tumblr “We still need iron rings so thy can punch ghosts in the face”

SPN writers actually listen to the fans. Exorcisms on a loop, holy water up salt hula hoops! (In a spirit bottle)<<< GOOD IDEA

I would pay very good money to see that.

Meanwhile the DW fandom is setting up working lights at the doors, and looking through the room for a very different type of Angel.<---and the Sherlock fandom tries to figure out what's going on with the lights<---THIS!

This fandom is nuts! LOL

Satan goes formal>> looks like Satan wants to go to prom. >> Satan, will you please be my prom date? <<Forget prom, I want a wedding *Gets down on one knee* Satan.

This sounds like one of those creepy poems that people use in horror films! I can hear it now. that creepy little girl voice. *shivers*<<< honestly it sounds equally as creepy if you sing it to the tune of Mary had a little lamb.

XD LOL OMG IM DYING. Okay not as much as dean and Sam but. You know

I have had only one supernatural dream and in it I was pissed cuz my friend let her self get possessed even tho I had TOLD her what to do to stop it.


This is fun and all until you look up into the small mirror attached to the ceiling of the car and boom!<<<at first I thought you said "and then boom she's on the ceiling of the car" and I thought. is she gonna catch on fire, or.

(Outsiders view) The other hunters weren't entirely sure what to make of John's boys. On one hand last time anyone, including John, had talked to Dean and Adam had been young, brash, and incapable of planning. On the other hand, they were Bobby's go to guys and had racked up an impressive reputation. But they didn't really interact with anyone in the hunter community, so no one really knew.

I feel like the rumors about them would seem outrageous, but actually be true like them dying and coming back, being friends with an angel, purgatory, the darkness