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thank you for being in my life for making me smile when i feel dedicated to someone
15 Gratitude Sayings and Quotes
Just in case you forgot how blessed you really are, here are 15 gratitude quotes and sayings to gently remind you to be grateful every day for all you have. Don't forget to click the link, read all the you're blessed quotes and share them too!
a hand holding a four leaf clover with an irish poem written below it on the image
a four leaf clover sitting on top of a green sign that says gelkk
Klavertje vier
some green grass with the words in german and english on it, along with an image of a four leaf clover
Klavertje vier
the words are written in black and white on a sheet of paper that says, wees niet te string niet te hard
a poem written in german with flowers on the bottom and words below it that read, mooi mens
Gedicht: MOOI MENS
a wooden sign hanging from the side of a building that says collega's
Tekstbord 40x30 cm collega's natural / antique white / cadeau / afscheid |
a pink background with the words working with you has been a pleasure i know the next phase of your life will be full of growth and opportunity
120+ Farewell Messages To Coworkers & Colleagues - Happily Lover