Sometimes you can’t help but have a few things out on the counter. The only way to keep the clutter at bay is to have them all corralled in a tray or beautiful vintage box like this one.

Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen

Kitchen Organization and Display - collected ironstone cutting boards, jars and shakers of herbs and spices all corralled in a wooden box - via Romantiska Hem

Love the color palette - mint green, grey and natural wood. Light clean and fresh.

Paint color for wall to help have a rest spot to look at form all the yellow and reds Love the color palette - mint green, grey and natural wood. Light clean and fresh.

handig ipv bovenkast

14 Tips for DIYing a Coffee Bar at Home

Lovely spot for tea and coffee bar. I love this idea of having a tea and coffee, and cake of course, bar/wall/shelving unit/space

Keukens gemaakt door RestyleXL - Keuken landelijke stijl gemaakt door RestyleXL. De keuken is gemaakt van steigerhout met een betonnen werkblad. Een groot fornuis, de schouw en krijtbord achterwand geven de keuken een uniek karakter.

Inspiration, Installation, & Maintenance: The Complete Guide to Concrete Countertops Love the chalkboard backsplash idea-measurements?

i love the luxe keuken ideeen van paul van de kooi

Concrete is the most widely used building material on Earth. It is a medium with limitless possibilities. It comes in many forms, serves a tremendous funct.

Keuken ideeen...

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Add to Ideabookby Mullet Cabinet by Mullet Cabinet Hidden sponge storage in front of the sink. Sponges are unsightly; why clutter up sink-side space with them? This use of the often wasted space in front of the sink is very clever.