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the colorful cat is sitting on the table
a painting with birds and trees on it
1 BSO – Pagina 4 – Griet !
several pictures of different types of masks made out of paper and colored clay, each with an individual's face
a group of children looking at magnets on a wall
an image of a painting with animals and flowers in the foreground on a black background
Nachtvogels - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
a drawing of a cat with colorful spots on it's body
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COBRA: Oil crayon and ecoline (animal, fantasy) (From six year old)
an abstract painting with various shapes and colors
Children in the House, 1948 - Corneille -
Children in the House - Corneille - CoBrA - Gouache - Abstract - TerminArtors
many colorful bowls sitting on top of a wooden table covered in paper mache flowers
Klei Ob geïnspireerd door Kandinsky
a painting is shown on an easel in the process of being painted with acrylic paint
groepswerk op doek in de klas inspiratie Miro, elke kleuter tekent om beurt een stuk erbij/ later zelfde met kleuren
four drawings of different shapes and sizes of birds on white paper with writing underneath them
les petites têtes de l'art
les petites têtes de l'art
a young boy sitting at a table working on his art project with colored squares in the background
De tekening bedekken met zijde vloei .Dan natspuiten met de plantenspuit. Haar de zijde vloei weer weg.
the cover of karel appel's book, with many colorful paintings on it
Juf Milou voor al uw onderwijsmateriaal
Leuke en informatieve powerpoint over Karel Appel voor 5, deze en nog vele andere kun je downloaden op de website van Juf Milou.
the process of painting an image with colored pencils and watercolors on paper
Printmaking Ideas for Kids -
Printmaking Ideas for Kids | funnycrafts