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a home gym with various exercise equipment in the room and on the wall behind it
Affordable DIY Gym Equipment Hacks for Home Workouts
a home gym with treadmills, exercise balls and other personal items in the room
Home Gym vs. Commercial Gym: Equipment and Design Comparison
two orange chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wall with plants on it
S072 on Behance
the front desk of an office with pink walls and black counter tops, along with two hanging lights
Notary. Gdańsk | Raca Architekci
Notary. Gdańsk | Raca Architekci
a yoga room with several mats, candles and potted plant on the floor in front of it
Yoga Studio Design
Manduka Yoga Studio Inspiration. Premium Yoga Equipment.
an empty room with black and white tiles on the floor, lit up by lights
an exercise room with mirrors, machines and other equipment in it's center area
the gym is clean and ready for people to use it as an exercise center in this modern home
Stealth Pavilion by Plus Minus Design - Issue 04 Video Feature - The Local Project
Stealth Pavilion — Plus Minus Design – Issue 04 Video Feature – The Local Project
a hotel lobby with modern decor and lighting above the reception desk, as well as hanging planters
Infinity hotel lounge interior design
Wandpanelen Dekorasi Rumah, Ceiling Design, Interieur, Gang, Interior Wall Design
a living room filled with furniture and plants
Blissful Noir
Blissful Noir on Behance
the black panel accent wall is decorated with hanging lights and large potted planters
blob mirrors