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Another Magic Loop method. In this method, you can crochet a large number of stitches and then close the middle, no more struggling to put 18 double crochets into a chain 4 ring.

Ice Lollies amigurumi pattern by Super Cute Design

Veritas cupcakes haken + patroon

Cupcakes tutorial, in Dutch - I need to translate this - these would be PERFECT filled with rice packets to microwave as the world's cutest hand-warmers in cold weather!

Kijk wat ik gevonden heb op Pip (van Woezel) aan een ballon! #haakpatroon

Zelf maken met HAAKKATOEN

Círculo mágico - crochet - Magic circle crochet tutorial - Easy step-by-step directions! I have been crocheting for longer than I want to admit and this is the one thing that still evades me.

Crochet PATTERN -sea turtle by Krawka, turtle, tortoise, sea creature, cute