Soesjes gedoopt in chocolade en hagelslag. Een echte herfsttraktatie. En leuk om met de kinderen te maken - Bella Festa

Bella Festa: Woodland Fairy Themed Birthday Party "Hedgehogs" - made out of donut holes dipped in chocolate & covered with chocolate sprinkles

Christmas Themed Baby Shower Ideas

For dessert, delight your guests with the perfect Christmas dessert idea: Santa hat brownies! Top each fudge brownie with a dollop of whipped cream, a strawberry, and another small dollop on top to create the Santa hat.

9 рецептов канапе для находчивых хозяек. Закуска, которую можно подавать к любому столу!

9 рецептов канапе для находчивых хозяек. Закуска, которую можно подавать к любому столу!

Мухоморчики на шпажках (внутри помидорки черри грибочек/полмаслины)

Мухоморчики на шпажках (внутри помидорки черри грибочек/полмаслины)

Make these Strawberry Santa's with the children.  Beyond cute.

Santa strawberries from Leanne Bakes are a quick and easy Christmas treat. Sweet strawberries are filled with whipped cream and studded with chocolate sprinkles - what could be simpler? This is a great snack to make with your kids around the holiday

Sunum fikirleri

Mario Fire Flower Appetizers and Spicy Veggie Dip.

оригинальные хотдоги, как приготовить смешные вкусные хотдоги, рецепт хотдога для детей, необычная сосиска в тесте рецепт как приготовить,

Just posting if I ever have kids.Creative Hot Dog Bun Recipe - Kid Friendly - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading - Cooking

Cat sandwiches

Cat sandwiches Fun food for kids or tea time Bocadillos cara de gato lindo…

Cute peanut butter and banana bear sandwhich

Healthy Recipes for Kids

Davis Vision - Peanut Butter Banana Bear Toasts make a perfect breakfast snack! Use toasted wheat bread with creamy peanut butter, and add banana slices and blueberries for eyes and ears.

Ladybug Appetizers  2 oz cream cheese, softened  2 Tbsp. sour cream  1/2 tsp. snipped chives  1/8 tsp. minced parsley  1/8 tsp. garlic salt  Black paste food coloring  36 butter-flavored crackers  18 cherry tomatoes, quartered  18 large pitted ripe olives  72 fresh chive pieces (about 1 1/2" long)

Another definite for the preschool spring party. a crafty and healthy snack idea!

Как сделать праздничный стол неповторимым: 12 оригинальных идей для украшения закусок.

Just an idea, no link really needed. You could probably do floppy combs if you used roasted pepper instead of carrot.

бутерброды для детей

Healthy snacks, fun breakfasts, easy school lunch ideas and family dinner recipes for busy Canadian families.