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Pixel 2.0 - The Arduino compatible smart display! by Rabid Prototypes —Kickstarter

Rabid Prototypes is raising funds for Pixel - The Arduino compatible smart display! on Kickstarter! The Pixel combines a ARM Cortex microcontroller w/ a color OLED display and MicroSD!

What this daydreaming researcher learned from eight weeks of mindfulness meditation

Read Chapter 33 Esau once planned to kill his brother now was the brother who “ran to meet him and embraced him, and fell on his neck and kissed him, and they wept” (Genesis NASB). Time and space healed.

The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change The World

A more beautiful, just and sustainable world is possible. Take this library and use it to inspire global change! The Findhorn Foundation’s New Story Film is among the top three on this fine l…


Mindfulness as a Way of Life, Michael Singer. Microphone adjusted at {left off at