Lucia Broms-Thie
Lucia Broms-Thie
Lucia Broms-Thie

Lucia Broms-Thie

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Writer, storyteller, brand nut, internationally orientated individual. Lover of fashion, design, photography, baking, the outdoors, yoga and (modest) running.

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Powder deodorant, handy when you want to fly cabin luggage only.

Cocoon Travel Pillow Reis textiel Down Fill 33x43cm zwart - with goose feathers. That must be nicer than an air pillow

Cocoon TravelSheet Doublesize silk natuurlijk silk- for a couple! Rarely find that

Cocoon Insect Shield TravelSheet silk vine > always sheets you can trust plus extra mosquito protection, great idea

25 Brilliant Space-Saving Hacks for Your Laundry Room

25 tips for laundry rooms...

Like the sliding door with multiple windows

Voorbeeld van een zelfgemaakte buitenkeuken. Ideaal voor de kleine tuin.