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So stellte man sie sich einmal vor, "Die Stadt von morchen..." - gefunden von Richard Glaser.

City of the Future from The Wonderful World / 1954 Retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space planet age sci-fi pulp airship steampunk dieselpunk

This is a great place for my book because it looks kind of scary but also really pretty. I like this picture alot, although I don't really know if I'm going to draw something like this, because I want to keep my book simple.

Abandoned New York Power Plant Would make an impressive library. "Now I see what inspired the Industrial movement in decorating! What architect would place Palladian windowsill a power plant now?

This Industrial building is realy scary, the colours inspired me, they are very grey, and thats the main reason this picture looks scary. I also like the broken glass. Although the windows were totally intact on Heijplaat, it would be nice to have this broken glass in my book maybe.

'Krasny Treugolnik' in St. Petersburg was one of the oldest industrial complexes of Russia's second largest city. Today, most of its buil.

Those cranes look a lot like the ones at Heijplaat, the most inspiting thing about these are that you can see them almost entirely, and you have a good view of the whole cranes. I also like how they are all different, so I'm also going to draw some different cranes.

These old harbour cranes were once designed by my late grandfather. May he rest in peace, and his cranes bewondered for several more years. I wonder if he ever realized they were going to be photographed digitally and put online.