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an old door in the middle of a mossy forest
17 Quick Pics With No Relevance Intended
17 Quick Pics With No Relevance Intended
an old set of stairs in the middle of a lush green garden
Secret Gardens - The Cottage Market
The artsy-fartsy side of me was like, "oooo this is sooo pretty." And the therapy side of me was like, "OMG someone is going to fall and break their f-ing neck on those stairs." Thanks Therapy for killing all of the joy in my world.
an escalator that has been partially submerged in water with plants growing out of it
Archillect on Twitter
an old abandoned car graveyard in the woods
Abandoned Cars Regained by Nature - Sortrature
Abandoned cars in Ardennes, left by U.S. servicemen after WWII. Creepy.
a person with an umbrella standing next to a train in the middle of some trees
artdrawing.net — Coming Soon
This one person is seen every day at the same time. It disappears for thirty seconds still arts disappears every person seconds thirty
an aerial view of a train going over a bridge in the woods near a waterfall
415 RhB - Rhätische Bahn Ge 6/6 I at Davos Wiesen, Switzerland by Georg Trüb
Between the 450 m long Wiesen I tunnel and the 969 m long Bärentritt tunnel on the line from Filisur to Davos, there is a gap of only few more then 10 meter, where the passengers have a glimps of less then 1 second daylight, when the train cross the bridge of the creek, which fall down to the Zügen gorge. "C-C" or Rhaetian crocodil Ge 6/6 I # 415 with the "Davos-Landwasser special" caught in the right moment.
an old truck parked in front of a building with ivy growing on it's sides
Подборка интересных и веселых картинок - ЯПлакалъ
Blatant parking Violation - A rolling stone/vehicle gathers No moss, shrubbery or otherwise! :0)