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Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer known for his ironic, and somewhat metaphoric illustrations that combine an avant-garde approach to art by incorporating aspects of food, surrealism and inspiration from everyday life.

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The Big Debate About Fine Art Landscape Photography – PhotoTakes Surrealism Photography, Dream Photography, Aesthetic Photography, Photo, Surreal Collage, Surreal Photos, Photography, Photo Manipulation, Pictures

Sensations - Limited Edition Photograph

Saatchi Art Artist Hussam Eissaa; Photography, "Sensations - Limited Edition 1 of 10" #art

Digital photography tips. Creative digital photography techniques doesn't have to be tricky or hard to master. Normally just a few straightforward changes to how you shoot will drastically multiply the effect of your photos.

How to save money on photography gear - Capital One Shopping

Some of the most powerful images are shot with a small or nonexistent production budget. But that doesn’t exactly change the cost of lenses, prints, memory cards and all the other expenses that come along with photography. Thankfully, there’s a new way to save money on all that gear.

Crazy Cool Conceptual Art - Horacio Salinas total) - My Modern Metropolis

Crazy Cool Conceptual Art - Horacio Salinas (12 total)

Horacio Salinas has a weird and wonderful way of taking everyday objects and turning them into interesting pieces of art. The New York-born son of

Postscript, 1983 by Boyd Webb © Boyd Webb. All Rights Reserved, DACS/Artimage Photo: Boyd Webb

Postscript, 1983 : Boyd Webb : Artimage

Visit us to license this and other works by Boyd Webb. © Boyd Webb. All Rights Reserved, DACS/Artimage 2021. Photo: Boyd Webb

got your tongue ? : cactus got your tongue ?cactus got your tongue ? : cactus got your tongue ? Design, Art Design, Art Photography, Surreal Art, Photomontage, Creative, Design Art, Collage Art, Pop Art

Slightly Smudged (@slightlysmudged) posted on Instagram: “Sharp tongue via @lizzie_darden 👅🌵 #slightlysmudged” • Oct 7, 2016 at 12:00pm UTC

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HIDDEN FACES - Unknown faces, surreal atmospheres, scintillating body languages and most importantly excellent mood throughout, here we have listed out some fantastic fine-art portraits where the face remains unknown.

Surreal Conceptual Photography by David Talley

I have been obsessed with surreal photography lately. I know most people see it all as the same thing but to me they are all amazing shots. David Talley is another surreal photographer who does an exceptional job and telling stories with images. "I am a 19 year-old photographer born and based in Los Angeles, California. My goal as a photographer is to capture love, heartache, adventure, and the emotions and stories they encompass." ~ David Talley Be sure to visit his flickr photostream here…

Surreal Artifacts of Life Encased in Magical Light Bulbs - My Modern Metropolis [ ] surrealismphotography Landscape Photography, Art Photography, Inspiration, Tree Of Life Artwork, Tiny World, Surrealism, Artistic Photography, Modern Metropolis, Creative Art

19 Tiny Worlds Where You'd Love To Live

Wouldn't life be so much simpler if you could spend it in a thimble or atop some crème brûlée?

Yet to reach wider audiences, the exceptional Portuguese photographer Helena Almeida stuns with her sense of composition. Until May the Jeu de Paume is presenting the formal and fascinating explorations of this major artist. Conceptual Art Photography, Art Photography, Fine Art, Performance Art, Culture Art, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Visual Art, Art, Helena Almeida

Helena Almeida au Jeu de paume : l’exceptionnelle rétrospective “Corpus”

Photographe portugaise exceptionnelle bien qu’encore peu connue du grand public, Helena Almeida éblouit par son sens de la composition. Le Jeu de paume présente, jusqu’au 22 mai, les explorations formelles fascinantes de cette artiste majeure.

Conceptual Photography by Chris Rivera. Chris Rivera is a Los Angeles, California based photographer focusing on conceptual image creation.

Conceptual Photography by Chris Rivera | Inspiration Grid

Awesome photo manipulations by LA-based conceptual photographer Chris Rivera. “His editing options are as varied as his motives. Some of the photos were processed with…

John Baldessari text paintings altered by Mark McEvoy.


markmcevoy: “ MORE ”

Domestic goddess, freaky, fun ,conceptual art photo, either that or gran has a very surreal way of trying to play hide and seek.

Domestic goddess, freaky, fun ,conceptual art photo, either that or gran has a very surreal way of trying to play hide and seek.

Dreamlike Conceptual Photography Merges Surrealism with Digital Art Balloons Photography, Conceptual Photography, Creative Pictures, Photo Art, Photoshop Photography, Surreal Photos, Colossal Art, Surrealism, Fine Art Photographs

Surreal Photos Look Like They’re Straight Out of a Dream You Won't Want to Wake Up From

Russian fine art photographer Platon Yurich creates dreamlike images by merging surrealism with digital art. A talented photo manipulator, filmmaker, and creative director, Yurich’s growing portfolio of conceptual photography evokes mystery and wonder, and encourages the viewer to explore their imagination.

Amazing DIY artworks from London based visual artist & maker Helga Stentzel “DIY Flip Flops”, paper, pliers and nails, ©️ Helga Stentzel


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