concrete glass.  these are irresistible my sweets.  pour me a stiff one.  xoxo, Kimberly

City Rain glass by Design. The contrast between glass and high water-absorption concrete evokes wet streets and rain-streaked windows. Each concrete base is made by hand in a painstaking weeklong process.

Superb Vetrazzo Recycled Glass/Concrete Countertops - 'green' Eco-friendly Countertops 1

I love love LOVE these recycled glass counter tops! Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Countertop - Recycled Glass - Counter Tops - KITCHEN & BATH, but I'd hate to have to clean between the glass---details.


DIY great, old, primitive candle light chandelier! Mason jars hung on wires off an old iron wheel with candles inside.


Use the hanging bottle candle lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store to provide the perfect mood lighting at your next night event.


glas en ku(n)st



diy Recycled Glass Concrete Project

Recycled Glass is a Great Aesthetic Enhancer to a Poured Concrete Project

Because everyone has granite... glass concrete counters.

This countertop is made by Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Countertops. They are made in the USA with recycled glass. Shown: Alehouse Amber.



concrete and glass by Deb Jones I like the contrast of textures and transparency.