old bottles strapped to fallen branches

Single bottle yard stake ~ Inspiration for an outdoor wedding, garden or even an environmental art piece

How to Growing Rose From Cutting

Rolls of roses: Simply plunge the cuttings into the ground. Before planting cuttings, push the bottom end into a small potato, which keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots. It sounds crazy, but the row of allotment roses is proof it works.

I love making wreaths, it's fun experimenting with different greenery and  flowers! We thought it would be fun to add eucalyptus to this one, it not  only smells amazing but it dries really nice too! We went to Whole Foods  and picked out a few different florals, they always have a great selection.  It's festive without having any traditional holiday garland which is a bit  fun, it's just simple and pretty. Last year we made a big holiday wreath  using only findings from our backyard, so…

Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath DIY

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cheap Fairy Garden Furniture..There are a couple in here with just the fairies looking at flowers, that might be a good place to start!

*** Create a fairy garden and inspire imaginative play and enjoy the outdoors.The Green Gardener: Fairy Gardens Cute ideas to make.

Ballon insmeren met vaseline, muurvuller van de Action, laten drogen, ballon verwijderen en tadaa.... "Ei-schaaltje"! Eventueel verven enzv....

Vaseline on balloon, cheap wall filler, let dry, pop balloon

Haikeys Love for Living: Rozen in een struisvogelei

Haikeys Love for Living: Rozen in een struisvogelei / Roses in a ostrichegg .