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an image of eggs in a muffin pan with the words, i do this daily perfectly cooked, shaped eggs - and you can bake a whole muffin tin
Baked eggs in muffin tin, again... turned out perfect.. less mess, it was easy to put in the oven and walk away
salted caramel pretzel bark with chocolate drizzles on top
The Best Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark
blueberry and cream angel dessert on a white plate
Heavenly Blueberries and Cream Angel Food Cake Dessert
This heavenly blueberry and cream angel dessert is a mess of heaven on a plate.
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desserts that include short and sweet shots
24 Short and Sweet Shot-Glass Desserts
EASY SHOT GLASS DESSERT RECIPES AND IDEAS: Once you've baked a masterpiece, it can be so hard not to gobble down a slice... or two... or three. These pre-portioned, perfect-for-parties treats will satisfy your sweet tooth—without tempting you to overindulge. Click through for the fun and easy recipes—perfect for parties or date night cooking—like Blackberry & Mint Brownie Parfaits, Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake shots, Chocolate Mousse and Brownie Shot-Glass Desserts, and more.
a dessert in a glass dish on a table
Ice Cream Bar Trifle — Recipes
Ice Cream Bar Trifle — Recipes —
Lemon Crinkle Cooke Recipe Pie, Brownies, Lemon Cookie Recipe, Lemon Cake Mix Cookies
Quick and Easy LEMON CRINKLE COOKIE Recipe
lemon crinkle cookies with powdered sugar on top and sliced lemons in the background
Lemon Crinkle Cookies - Stephanie's Sweet Treats
These lemon crinkle cookies are a no chill lemon cookie. They are full of white chocolate chips and rolled in powdered sugar for the crinkle look. They are easy to make.
oreo cookies and cream trifle dessert in glasses
Chocolate Oreo Pudding Delight
A simple no bake dessert made with Oreos and pudding. This Chocolate Oreo Delight is the perfect go-to desssert for any occasion.
mini trifles with blueberries and strawberries in them are ready to be eaten
Mixed Berry Mini Trifles
Lemon Berry Trifle | Recipe + Video Tutorial
a recipe book with an image of some food on it's cover and the words berry balsamic vinaigrie written in english
Berry balsamic vinaigrette
Berry balsamic vinaigrette
a close up of a dessert in a bowl with the words tramisu trifle on it
Easy Tiramisu Trifle Dessert