Yellew Christmas bells

An easy bell and paper wreath An DIY easy bell and paper wreath If you have a passion for arts and crafts you'll will appreciate this website!

collage (trees), movement (sky) using line, foreground, mid ground, back ground with the trees.

Les perspectives année Paint canvas with swirly skies- purple, blue, red (lightened with white) only and then add decoupaged trees for collage effect

leuke huisjes van A4 voor het raam!! Gewoon knippen!

Paper cutouts of houses, trees, stars for winter window decorations. Would be cool to do front window and back light it

Wijzen uit het oosten knutselen met toiletrolletjes

Toilet Paper Roll Camel Craft - Navity Scene

TP Roll Three Kings from a while back. Red Ted LOVES them and brings them out all the time for playing. Once we set up our “real nativity”, Red Ted shouted “we need a TP Roll Camel, pleeeeaaase can we make a camel?