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Nossas Cidades em 100 anos - Assuntos Criativos

The SmartThings Future Living Report was created by a group of academics and futurologists who suggest that in a century's time humans will be able to live in 'Earth-scrapers'.

An aerial view of the tower blocks. 'Cereal crops, with legumes such as beans and squash, reduce nitrogen inputs, while maintaining healthy protein levels. Because the ecosystems are rebalanced, it will also make diseases and weeds less frequent,' said Callebaut

The organic, curvilinear designs of an Avatar universe may be closer than we think. Indian agroecologist Amlankusum and Paris-based Vincent Callebaut Architectures have released plans for a vertical 'eco-neighborhood' called the Jaypee Green Sports.

VINCENT CALLEBAUT - Et si, dans 10 ans, nous vivions dans des tours en bois et mangions des fruits et légumes produits sur nos balcons? C'est l'idée derrière le dernier projet de l'arc

World Architecture Community News - ’Hyperions’, Agritectural Garden Towers for Jaypee Greens Sports City proposed by Vincent Callebaut

Onder water tenniscomplex - dubai, architectuur, onder water - Wonen Voor Mannen

An architect based in Warsaw, Poland, is looking for investors to turn his dream of an underwater tennis court into reality and wants it to be built in Dubai (concept shown)