SAAB (Sweden) playsam 92001

Saab 001 Concept Car – Inspired by Sixten Saxon's prototype of the Saab Concept Car this wooden toy is one of the most modern and futurisic car models of its time. Saab 001 concept car aerodynamic and sophisticated design make it the perfect execut

SAAB (Sweden)

Saab Logo Wallpapers - Saab AB is a Swedish aerospace and defense group. The (which later became "Saab" is derived as an acronym) in 1937 as Svenska Aeroplan

SAAB (Sweden) 96 1960

Pictures of Saab 96 Rally Car - Free greatest Saab 96 Rally Car picture gallery for your desktop. HD wallpaper for backgrounds Saab 96 Rally Car car tuning Saab 96 Rally Car and concept car Saab 96 Rally Car wallpapers.

SAAB (Sweden) UrSAAB 1947

1946 Saab 92001 Ursaab: The Original Saab - The Sexiest Sports Cars

SAAB (Sweden)

SAAB electric cars coming in 2014 - The deal to give bankrupt SAAB a new future as an electric car maker has been finalised. The buyer, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS)- a joint venture between China’s National Modern Energy Holdings and th

SAAB (Sweden) 97 (Sonett II) 1969

The Saab 97 (Sonett II) first debuted at the Geneva Motors Show in March of There were only 28 Sonett II two-stroke models made, 25 production and 3 pre-production in the first year. In the Sonett II became the Sonett II up until it ended production in

SAAB (Sweden) Catherina

Like the Saab Formula Junior and the Saab Sonett Super Sport (Sonett I) the Saab Catherina began life as the personal sports car project of .