Curtains don't just keep prying eyes out, they frame your room. Try a soft, almost-opaque grey for summer. And, if you're looking to make your ceilings seem taller, try raising the curtains higher than the windows.

18 DIY Apartment Makeover Tricks

Burlap Curtain - Platinum Jayson Niedzielski I don't know if these are worth getting price-wise. I just think they're pretty and they're final sale.

$59.99 AINA Curtains, (2 panels) - I like the light/airy look of these

I like IKEA soft goods, jut not their furniture. They have some good solid fabrics for curtains.

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26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks These time-saving tips are basically your hairway to heaven.

Decokay Design - in-between

Decokay Design - in-between