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The Student Hotel Amsterdam

Restaurant Mercat in Panama Amsterdam

Restaurant Mercat in Panama Amsterdam Lighting cage with grid of dropped pendants

Restaurant De Kas, Amsterdam EAT: Unusual and scenic. Not open on Sundays though.

De Kas Greenhouse restaurant in Amsterdam ~ might be on list.expensive, and I HATE expensive food, but maybe

Landmarkt, an organic super market and restaurant in Amsterdam. They've got recipe cards at the entry in case you have no idea what to buy (schellingwouderdijk 339)

Landmarkt Amsterdam Noord organic supermarkt - Your Little Black Book

Lamdmarkt Amsterdam North also fun for lunch Do you love organic food just as much as I do? Then go to Landmarkt Amsterdam North for grocery shopping! It's just a 15 minute bike ride from Amsterdam East and located in Schellingwoude.

Ree 7, Amsterdam. Lovely interiors. Serving up your standard, dependable euro fare, their coffee is about alright. With so many great coffee bars in Amsterdam I think it might be worth trying one of their other drinks instead. Let's leave the coffee to the pros shall we?

Ree 7, Amsterdam: New Favorite Hangout (Little Wanderbook)

Ree 7 is a great place for a pitstop while shopping in the 9 streets. On the menu you find a lot of healthy options & guilty pleasures.