Write letters on tube and on stickers; kids have to match the stickers to the letters on the tube.

Letter matching on paper towel tubes with stickers. Fine motor control and letter recognition activity good for a busy bag or road trip.

Sok! Leuk met wasmachine ;-) diverse activiteiten mogelijk: paren zoeken, sokken met patronen ontwerpen, groepjes maken van 2/4/etc,

Izzie, Mac and Me: Storytime From A-Z: Fox In Socks I think we could do this purely as a matching game, not necessarily with the letter X

Alphabet museum. Collections of found objects beginning with each letter.

Alphabet Museum

Alphabet museum: Inspired by Montessori alphabet boxes. Imagine the buzz when your students come into the classroomroom and discover a new item in the museum, or two items that have switched places overnight . excitement in learning!

Verschillende Letters

Very effective use of scissors and magazines to learn letters in Kindergarten.

Dobbelsteen over het kind

Ready-To-Decorate® My "ME" Cube Set

Kern 1 - Sok

Matching Socks Game


they did this art project based on his book Papa Please Get the Moon for Me,by Eric Carle Kindergarten Might change popsicle sticks to other found objects. But it's a great idea for a Jacob's ladder collage, too

Veilig Leren Lezen - kern 1: Sokken voelspel (wat zit er in de sok) bij het woord sok

Veilig Leren Lezen - kern 1: Sokken voelspel (wat zit er in de sok) bij het woord sok


it amazes me that people can see the design and diversity in life, and think that somehow, it's all where the atoms scattered after a big boom. I just happen to think it is all on purpose, by design, created in love.