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I travel the world meeting people with a vision and brands with a purpose. Here you can find the meeting stories.
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Meeting Peter Fisk in London

Meeting Peter Fisk - “The world around us is changing,” he says. “Power is shifting from west to east, large companies to small ones, mass markets to niches, business to consumers. It’s time for business leaders to change their thinking. It’s time to press the reset button.” He pauses to let his words sink in.

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Meeting Jim Seuss in London

Meeting Jim Seuss in London - We’re meeting Jim Seuss, who has just started as the new CEO of Hunter Boot. He’s asked us to come to the Hunter Boot offices, which looks more like a design workshop: the air is heavy with a smell of rubber and everywhere we look, there are boots in various stages of design, but also bags and other accessories.

Meeting Heela in New York

"Meeting Heela in New York" I arrive at New York’s Kennedy Airport around noon and get a cab into Manhattan. We’re here to meet Heela Yang Tsuzuki, a successful entrepreneur who is making her way to the top in the global cosmetics industry. “She has everything to be successful,” I say to myself. “She has financial experience after working at Goldman Sachs,” I read from my iPad screen. “She acquired marketing experience at L’Oreal and Clinique."

Meeting Jean-Baptiste Santoul at Amsterdam Airport

As I walk towards the newsstand I see somebody I know, browsing through the international newspapers. It’s Jean-Baptiste Santoul, Henkel Ben...

Meeting Cynthia Chua in Singapore

Meeting Cynthia Chua in Singapore - We’re about to meet one of the most successful businesswomen in Singapore: serial entrepreneur Cynthia Chua. We’re sitting in one of her creations, Common Man Coffee Roasters, a coffee shop where they roast the coffee on the spot. We’ve both got our iPads out and are browsing the internet to learn more about Cynthia’s background, two steaming cups of blackest Robusta roast coffee in front of us.

Meeting Jose Miguel Sokoloff in London

Meeting Jose Miguel Sokoloff - "We are talking to Jose Miguel Sokoloff, global CCO for Lowe and partner of Lowe-SSP3 Bogota. Jose has been using creativity to try and help solve the guerilla war that has been raging in his home country Colombia for decades."

Meeting Stephen Lussier in London

Stephen Lussier by CoolBrands - Stephen, who had been working for De Beers from a US-based ad agency, seemed the guy for the job: young, educated and up for an adventure. He decided to take the challenge and move to the UK; for a year or two. Today, 30 years later, he’s still here. So our question was: what happened?

Speaking in Warsaw at the IIC Partners global meeting – Janice Reals Ellig | Janice Reals Ellig

Meeting Nazish Munchenbach in Rio de Janeiro

Meeting Nazish Munchenbach - As we wander through the collection, Nazish tells us a bit about her background: born to Indian parents, lived in Pakistan, the States, Germany and France. “And then I landed in Rio thirteen years ago,” she says with a smile.“You know, until I came here I always felt different, I never felt I belonged. But then I came to Brazil and here everyone is different, and so it meant I finally felt at home.”

Meeting Rodrigo Aquim in Rio de Janeiro

Rodrigo Aquim by 'CoolBrands Influencers' - Rodrigo laughs but then turns serious. “You know, people don’t really know the taste of real chocolate,” he says. “Q is about discovering chocolate. We use no additives – no sugar, no milk, no artificial sweeteners… People think that by using only the cacao beans, chocolate will be too bitter. But this isn’t true, it’s about selecting the best beans and using only the cacao near the kernel of the bean – that’s the taste of real chocolate!”