Easy Faces of History Costume Idea

What a cute project idea.Biography or character report. LOVE IT! For all of my teacher friends. Money is tight these days. A very good alternative to dressing up like the person! Would have never thought this idea!

Fossil Cookies

Fossil Cookies

Fossil Cookies - Martha Stewart Recipes ~ not sure if I would use this recipe but I love the Idea, could be great for a boy birthday party

Ice age dino's

Where paleontologists find dino remains. Freeze dinosaur figurines in ice cubes/cups and have kids "excavate" them using plastic utensils and hot water.

A ton of Montessori dinosaur projects

Montessori-Inspired Dinosaur Unit

A fun project for a dinosaur theme

Franklin Franklin Myers Myers Pitcher- You could buy some foam core from the dollar store, cut a circle for a face, and paint a dino scene for pictures.