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six different types of origami hangings in various shapes and sizes, each with an upside down design
Solar Sun 101
De Divina Proportione - a book on mathematics written by Luca Pacioli and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci, composed around 1498 in Milan and first printed in 1509 #makesolarenergydiyprojects
a black and white photo with an abstract pattern on it's side, in the shape of a rectangle
National Accounts - Construction Specialties
Pattern Depth: Thru Cut. Panel Thickness: 0.75” up to 1” nominal. Pattern Type: N/A.
several different metal textures that can be used to create an abstract background
Erwin Hauer
an iphone screen with some drawings on it and the text, easy to draw pictures
I have already got metatron's cube this gives me more ideas for my sacred geometry sleeve
a black and white photo with an abstract design in the middle, on a dark background
Geometric-spaces hold powerful information.
an array of different shapes and sizes on a black background
COMPLEXITY / Tatiana Plakhova
For Your Processing
littlelimpstiff14u2: Some More Stylish Processing from A-na5
an image of a geometric design with lines in the middle and a flower at the center
Geometry Daily
#281 Another rose – A new minimal geometric composition each day
an abstract sculpture made out of white fabric
Seminars | Institute for Computational Design and Construction | University of Stuttgart
Deep Surface Prototype: Project 1, click to read more
an abstract painting with green and yellow shapes on white paper in the center is a rectangle shaped object
Geometry Daily
Geometry Daily
an image of a circle that is in the middle of a white paper with blue, green and black circles
Geometry Daily
Geometry Daily
an abstract blue background with white lines and stars in the center on top of it
Une réalité mathématique dessinée en fractales par un homme atteint par le syndrome du savant. - GuruMeditation
for processing - Math function