Charlotte Noctis

Charlotte Noctis

Charlotte Noctis
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Silvery Blue Dress, Photos | Angela Clayton's Costumery & Creations

Description doesn't match, but this ensemble is lovely. [Angela Clayton's Costumery - Maroon Medieval Gown with Gold Detailing]

winter queen fairy crown | Indie-guest

Perfect for brides at weddings, renaissance faires, or elaborate Halloween costumes as queens, fairies, or princesses.


Ice Crystal Branches Wings These wings are one of a kind and gorgeous! 3 different kinds of fake branches covered in ice crystals with white flower accents and glittered leaves.

Goddess Druantia ruler of protection, trees, protection of trees, knowledge, and creativity. This earthy headdress has two buns of cream, and beige curly wool, with hanging ivory, and beige colored dreads. Along with wool, these buns contain soft beige yarns, light brown tulle fabric, and pale taupe ostrich feathers. Brown and tan swirled wood-like twigs shoot out of these dready buns. Cork cut flowers lay in your hair and on shooting twigs. Antique bronze chains hang from your forehead and…

amazing dreadlock and felt woodland fairy, tribal elf, fantasy cosplay pagan queen headdress couture fantasy fashion or costume for grimm and fairy princesses.

Elf Fantasie fair Haarzuilen 2013 | Portret foto van ellen-zeist |

Not for Hatchet Cosplay but reminds me of what maybe an elder fae would look like.