pom poms

Tissue Paper Pom Poms are some of most common DIY party decoration ideas around. Making these involves folding a stack of sheets of tissue paper

Paisley Thirteen LR black and white with neutral tones brought in with natural weaving. We sell baskets like that // neutral tone living room

This bohemian dress, is absolutely beautiful and the back is simply amazing.

Swoonworthy little white dress. Love the lace but what would I wear it for? Just around town the week before wedding to look virginal? hmmmmmm Just wear it. This one is sizzling sexy

Desert Song Accessories: Turquoise & Vintage Gold

Desert Song Accessories: Turquoise & Vintage Gold- paint or cover with material or trinkets!

I like this ibiza style decoration

There is nothing like an amazing outdoor boho chic area to lounge in. Lanterns and colorful pillows are essential to this kind of space!

Beautiful Mustard treatment for an old cabinet

That lovely mustard yellow color! - Interior Decor Luxury Style Ideas - Home Decor Ideas

The summer dress


Gorgeous white lace summer sexy dress the best way to show fabulous white lace fashion trend and summer cute street style outfits