Giethoorn, Netherlands

on a canal (with a little boat) Lovely house in Giethoorn, called “Venice of the Netherlands”

Snowy Garden

Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Amsterdam, Netherlands , a beautiful winter garden

Windmill in winter at the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum (Netherlands Open Air Museum), Arnhem, Netherlands

My house will always have a black glossy front door - to loving the Dutch tradition of painting outdoors black. black windows and white windowsills

Oudegracht in Winter.  Utrecht, Nederland.     Photo: Martijn W on Flickr.

Utrecht The Netherlands :: Oudegracht <---- I would love to visit Holland in the winter! It is so beautiful there.

Koeien en mooie luchten

Koeien en mooie luchten (Cows in lovely light) Nothing says the Netherlands more than flat land and black and white cows