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1.25 inch  Upcycled Dum-Dum Wrapper Pinback Buttons and Magnets Zipper pull limited edition summer and dessert flavors


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two men in suits are fighting with each other on a blue and pink background, one is holding a guitar
art by: caethyx on Instagram
two apples are shown on a piece of paper with paint splattered over them
more like fiona apple am i right hahahaha i know your not supposed to do this with gouache but i have been playing around w doing… | Instagram
a painting of a woman holding a guitar in her right hand, with stars and confetti on the background
a painting of a man and child with the word fluff club on it's forehead
fight club
art cr: lalikeslichto on tumblr
a person holding up a piece of art that looks like a spiderman face with yellow, red and blue paint splatters all over it
Spider-Man art