building in Amsterdam--oh, my!

Cactus House (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Designed to maximize each apartment's outdoor space and indoor sunlight. - if I HAD to live in an apartment.

Windmills in Holland on the sea

Windmill in Holland is a Unique Tourism, Attraction for Adventures

IJburg, near Amsterdam. A few years ago this was water. Now its new space for living, created by human being

IJburg: The biggest project of housing construction in Amsterdam. On seven new islands, more than flats and more than square meters of business buildings of cultural and educational purpose are under construction.

Amsterdam as Spiderweb, once you are in, you can't get out

Photos - The Amsterdam Expat Meetup Group (Dutch welcome) (Amsterdam) - Meetup

A bridge in Paris that couples attach a lock to and then throw the keys into the water

Love lock bridge in Paris. The idea is, couples go to the bridge Passerelle des Arts in Paris. They write their names on a padlock and attach it to the bridges railing and then throw away the key in the Seine river to symbolize their undying love.

Cheese shop at Amsterdam city center.

Cheese shop at Amsterdam city center.