What to do with bottle caps

picasso face project for little ones

Geography for Kids - Spain - Picasso face project for little ones


Making doodled flowers starting with painted circles

art gallery

art gallery / this is kind of the idea I had for displays at our end of year art show for school. Artist party Think it'd be cool to have a maze of boxes with kids art work on every side!

These would look great with a 2D Geometry bulletin board

Mondrian Art Lesson ~ Highlights shapes and colors as well as a great master! Great to do during a Geometry unit and overlapping

easy to make picture frames-students fold paper into fourths, cut out an L shape, and the then cut the design out along the outer edge

construction paper frames for self portraits - I could use craft foam to make display frames like this with velcro on the back to stick on the display board

Wire Sculpture Portraits

line, Picasso, abstract, sculpture, Wire Sculpture Portraits

Paashaas maken met een leuke tekentechniek

Pinspiratie: wat is populair in week 2 van 2017

A great fine and visual motor skill activity that includes art in the development of hand, finger, and wrist strength.

thema toveren - Google zoeken

thema toveren - Google zoeken

ideas con tapas recicladas

Upcycled bottle top Alabama letter A art

Keith Haring: leuke dramales

Keith Harintro g

Bloem kleurplaat Mondriaan. Inkleuren met zwart, geel, rood, blauw en wit.

Bloem kleurplaat Mondriaan. Inkleuren met zwart, geel, rood, blauw en wit.

Een monster maken door verf met rietje open te blazen.

Blow paint monsters: Thin some tempera paint with water. Drop small amounts on paper, then use a straw to blow the paint across the page, making "monster" shapes. Add mouths and wiggly eyes.

Keith Haring Photo Board Maclay School

Keith Haring Photo Board- put your face in! Cool idea for art show interaction

Versje "Gekleurd" *liestr*

Versje "Gekleurd" *liestr*