kids room..

Un tipi dans la chambre (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

Beautiful kid's room #childrensbedroomdesign

Un tipi dans la chambre (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

Sweet girl room

mommo design: 8 SWEET GIRL'S ROOMS Since I'm older maybe make the objects around the room a little older but I'd keep just about everything else.

girl zone

Glitter stars and pompoms hanging w/ canopies in bedroom w/ lilac r light pink and glitter walls.

HAPPY LIVING stoere jongenskamer

Loving this bed! Easy build and don't have to worry about ur child falling out of it while asleep. Would be a great toddler bed turned dog bed when done.


Scandinavian decor for kids' bedrooms. The minimalism and design you love needn't skip the kids' rooms! For more Scandinavian decor inspiration and kids bedroom ideas go to Domino.

Cacti Wall Stickers

bxxlght interior lightbox inspo Cacti Wall Stickers Expecting some cowboy elements in the rest of the room!