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Самые удивительные дворы Петербурга


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green and yellow water with rocks in the background
65 Most Colorful Places on Earth - Road Affair
a large tree covered in lots of yellow and brown leaves next to some trees with no leaves on them
Untouched Wilderness in Cody Cobb’s Landscapes
an old building with many windows and balconies
Abandoned historical palace in Hungary [OC]
a waterfall flowing into a river surrounded by rocks
an archway leading to the top of a building
an old building with moss growing on it's walls and steps leading up to the entrance
Angkor - Gary Arndt (EverythingEverywhere)
an abandoned building with lots of windows and plants growing out of the water in it
Tweet / Twitter
an old train track in the middle of a tunnel with green plants growing on it
Abandoned Synagogue
two people are walking under an arch in the middle of a narrow alleyway between old buildings
Photography ,Fine art and sometimes History: Photo
an alley way with blue water in the middle
The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World
the sun is shining down on an old building with stairs and railings that lead up to it
Villa P by Aurélien Villette / 500px
an abandoned building with stairs leading up to the top floor and another staircase in front of it
De duistere aantrekkingskracht van vervallen gebouwen
De duistere aantrekkingskracht van vervallen gebouwen - Roomed
an alley way with arched doorways and pipes
Самые удивительные дворы Петербурга
Самые удивительные дворы Петербурга