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One Direction + Puppies = Best Magazine Cover Ever- actually- OMG THAT'S FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!!!

You wouldn't take the Buzznet office the type to hang up One Direction posters, oh but do you have us pinned all wrong. The recent inspiration for these beautiful pictures comes none other than the boys of in matching sweaters holding up the cutest.

One Direction 2013 Photo Shoot | One Direction Is Adorable In Teen Vogue: "We're Not Really That Diva"

Anybody know when this photoshoot was from? I don't remember seeing this picture>>>It's their new teen vogue photoshoot

Story Of My Life

Harry was the cutest baby everrrr. Niall pretty much looks the same! And is it just me, or does louis's picture as a little kid look creepy O_o

Amazing Group Band...One Direction! Amazing Songs...Amazing Meaning Behind...Amazing Lyrics...Amazing Videos...Just All Out AMAZING! Truly Inspirational!

Hey Guys, I've created a page to describe our perfect dates. I want to get more people on it. Please click the pin and write your perfect date. Thanks

Our amazing boys!!! They've grown up so much but they haven't really CHANGED. Louis is still a hilarious sass master, Zayn is still too cool and deep for words, Liam is still the daddy, Nialler is still the goofy carefree crazy Irishman he was from day uno, Harry is still... Harry? Lol there isn't many words that can sum up that mess of curls and charm. They are still and always have been, OUR BOYS!!! <3

Our amazing boys! ♥ Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, & Niall Horan ♥♥♥ Love U Nialler :)