Yesterday young owl was learning to fly in the strong winds coming in,hoovering over a meadow,changing height ,never seen anything like that


Who made it- Satsuki Shibuya “It doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what YOU are doing.” This has basically been my motto all summer. Many kids in my grade were get…

So true! I see people doing this all the time and it just comes out looking fake and being pointless. The end results is inevitable so why waste everyone's time prolonging it. Life is to short!

Well said. And so true. Only the one who gives it freely is worth having anyway. ~~ Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having.

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Brandy and Wine. Wine Choosing Is Simple With These Easy Tips! A great bottle of wine tops off many wonderful occasions. Figuring out how to taste, drink or serve wine can really help out in these situations.

Dit moet je durven!

For the English speaking folks this wonderful and very true quote: "Sometimes you just need to stand up and leave, so the person on the other side of the seesaw falls on the ground and notices how you have been carrying him/her." - by RUMAG

strong womens

Someone said to be you're to pretty to be single I said no I'm too pretty to be lied to cheated on and played with

Dit overkomt je als je met je beste soulmate bent Just priceless

That moment when you're laughing so hard there's no sound, so you're sitting there clapping like a retarded seal

He should've seen this before

"Don't play with a woman's heart, why mislead a good woman if you know you're not going to love her the way she deserves to be loved." Why be so heartless and cruel

"Nee!!! Het klinkt onaardig, maar soms is het nodig, zodat je aardig kunt zijn tegen jezelf."

"Nee!!! Het klinkt onaardig, maar soms is het nodig, zodat je aardig kunt zijn tegen jezelf."

AMEN!!!!! If you're overcoming narcissistic abuse, there are some great groups on Facebook that may be helpful. By name, they are: "After Narcissistic Abuse - There is Light, Life & Love", "Emerging From Broken", "Respite from Sociopathic Behaviour" and "Psychopath Free"

Mind games do not make me believe that you are mysterious or interesting. Mind games only make me believe that you are a waste of my time and energy.