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a poster with the words pray for yourself and other things to know about them on it
# Trust God
the sleep affirmation is written in white on a maroon background with black lettering
Sleep Affirmations
a red coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden railing next to a snow covered tree
a snoopy dog with snowflakes on it's face and the words, snowflakes are kisses from heaven
Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime
a compass with the words god says stay patient my time is perfect i have something bigger planned for you, and trust me
manifestation law of attraction
a black and white photo with the words please god, make my days useful, my nights restful, my home peaceful and my efforts fruitful amen
a hand is holding up a book with writing on it and a pink flower in the foreground
10 Body Positive Affirmations That Are Worth Repeating
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34 Best Healthy Eating Quotes For You and Your Kids!
a handwritten poem with black ink on white paper
Typhoon in the Philippines | Heart Philippines Relief Project
a poem written in black and white with the words prayer
a quote that says you don't need someone to complete you
23 Inspirational Words You'll Love Scrolling Through
a bird sitting on a tree branch with a quote from the book, always believe in yourself
the happiness of your life begins on the quality of your thoughts inspirational quotes, great quotes, me quotes, motivation words, sayings about life, person, quote, positive affirmeste
7 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (213) - LifeHack
a quote that says i can't brag about my love for god because i fail him daily
Time to Drop the Yet
Time to Drop the Yet – New Hope for Dry Bones
a red and black sign that reads, the bible is one thing known as an author
Winds of Eternity on Twitter