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a prayer for the bible with flowers around it
The Top 14 Effective Bible Study Methods (with FREE Printables!) -
the words set your mind on things above are surrounded by pink and purple flowers in a circle
Colossians 3:2 - Bible Verse Free Printable -Rays of Bliss
a sticker that says i have made you will carry you
"Isaiah 46:4" Sticker for Sale by ReVivingHoPe
a prayer for safe travels with an image of a globe and suitcase on the floor
Prayer For Safe Travels [w/ Bible Verses]
an image of jesus on the cover of biblical archaeology review
What Did Jesus Really Look Like?
a purple background with the words stonegablery written in white font on it
an image of a paper doll with instructions on how to make it look like a man
image of Ephod - Google Search
a quote that says god has the victory no matter how hopeless it may seem
a painting of a woman in a white dress with words written on it and the words god says you are
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