Camping spullen

'Hand drawn doodles on a camping theme. Doodled by myself, September...


Start of School year writing activity/diagnostic. Students draw themselves and draw what they did this summer in their glasses, then write a short paragraph explaining their summer vacation.

kleurplaat vakantie

Fijne vakantie! Kleurplaat

kleurplaat vakantie

ART with Mrs. A: It is hard to believe another school year has come...

A - grade cones - could add portion questions and have them find the angle measure of the cone and diameters of the scoops.

Tekenen en zo: Door een zomerse bril

Kids Artists: Sunglasses This is a great Craftivity for those last days of school. You could tie it in with a writing activity that has students choose a vacation spot and write an itinerary of the planned trip.