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Vertical Highlight Window #Architectural #Architecture #Window

A Gallery of Weird and Wonderful Windows

GREAT windows - This seems like a good idea for a tiny home - to bring in light & a tiny view where you don't want to sacrifice wall space.

Modern pivot door with offset axis pivoting hinges. No built-in parts to either floor or ceiling!

Modern pivot door with offset axis pivoting hinge. It's custom-made with an invisible door frame and the hinges are integrated in the door panel. No built-in parts need integration in the floor. It's installed on top of the white PU-floor.

Gallery - Town House in Antwerp / Sculp[IT] - 1

Gallery of Town House in Antwerp / Sculp[IT] - 1

Stacked Cabin is a small family retreat in a Wisconsin forest by Johnsen Schmaling Architects

⌂ The Container Home ⌂ the Stacked Cabin located in Wisconsin, USA is a modern version of a mountain-like cabin, designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects

If you listen to the architect Kengo Kuma, the craze for kyosho jutaku, that distinctly Japanese variant of the micro home, started in the thirteenth century, when the poet Kamo no Chomei penned an essay about the joys of living in a shack called An Account of My Hut. Contemporaneously speaking, though, micro homes became a thing in the 1990s, when rising real estate prices and a nagging recession spurred many young Tokyo residents to reconsider suburbia.

10 Japanese Micro Homes That Redefine Living Small