the best creativity board - i am totally stealing this idea!

Creative To Do List. i love to-do lists. The best list ever. How surprising to find so many of my own thoughts on here!

Great for classroom/counseling office :) Stages of change laid out in a kid-friendly way!

Something to help us procrastinators, all of us who lack motivation :) 'Which step have you reached today?

Let's get creative...

Inspiring Creativity

Inspiring Creativity: An important part of every class, whether it is children or adults, shall include creativity and this is how to start.

15 foundations for facilitating creativity and development.

The key is engaging BOTH types of thinking in a creative process. Next-level solutions emerge from engaging the unpredictability and expansiveness of divergent thinking first, and then applying the narrowing of convergent thinking to ground the new ideas

Visual Language - creative and innovative solutions

Why Visual Thinking