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the worksheet for learning how to draw an animal with numbers and letters on it
Werkblad kussende kippen
Oefen op de liggende acht met behulp van dit blaadje. Begin bij stap 1, daarna stap 2 en als laatste stap 3.
an image of eggs and numbers for counting
Eierdozen: tellen met eieren
fijne motoriek thema Pasen Diy, Jul, Kunst, Artesanato, Sanat, Kindergarden, Art For Kids, Manualidades
fijne motoriek thema Pasen
a printable worksheet for children to learn numbers and counting with pictures on them
Telrups Lente
an easter card with three different colored eggs and the words, wegen met passeren
Paaseieren HEMA wegen uitleg
the chicken is standing in front of five yellow stars and four other chickens are behind it
Groep 1 en 2
Moeder kip en haar kuikens - lente Hoeveel kuikens zijn er weggelopen?
an image of a duck with a heart on it's head sticker in the shape of a bird
Kuikens en kippen
Juf Janna: Kuikens en kippen
four pictures of different shapes and sizes of buttons
Boekje met opdrachten voor eieren in een eierdoos te leggen
two pictures of a duck made out of paper plates
.Eend met taartpapier
paper plate crafts with colorful feathers and birds on them for kids to make in the classroom
Vrolijke vogeltjes..
three vases with flowers in them sitting on a table next to a sign that says between met lulpen an ecoline by
Toveren met tulpen en ecoline
the window is decorated with colorful hand prints
How to Decorate a Classroom Window for Spring. Would work a bulletin board, too. And spring WILL get here eventually!
a table that has some toys on top of it and a book about farm animals
Verteltafel Dottie's kuikens
an activity for children to learn how to read the words in german
Activiteiten met woordkaarten | Thema LENTE
Activiteiten met woordkaarten | Thema LENTE