Whether you’re looking for fancy starters or food to nosh on during the game, you’ll find the best appetizer recipes here! From dips to spreads, finger foods to…
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a person dipping tortilla into a bowl with black olives and peppers on top
How to Make 7-Layer Taco Dip
This 7-Layer Taco Dip from scratch will be ready in 25 minutes! Homemade taco seasoning and homemade bean dip make this party appetizer extra delicious.
deviled eggs with pesto on them and the title overlay reads easy pesto deviled eggs
Easy Pesto Deviled Eggs
You'll love these Pesto Deviled Eggs with lemon zest! Make these appetizers for holidays, brunch or even low-carb meal prep!
no knead italian bread on a cooling rack with text overlay that reads, no knead italian bread
No-Knead Italian Bread
Make this No-Knead Italian Bread in a Dutch oven and prepare to be amazed! Just stir the ingredients the night before, fold the dough after 12 hours, and let it rise. Bake it and enjoy the most delicious bread with a crunchy crust and open crumb! It's one of the best Italian Bread Recipes!
sesame semolna bread on a yellow napkin with text overlay reading sesame semollina bread
Sesame Semolina Bread
You'll love Semolina Bread's sweet, nutty taste, dense texture and crispy crust! The sesame seed topping brings a delightful crunch to every bite! It's one of my most delicious Italian Bread Recipes!
sausage bread with pizza dough on a white plate
Sausage Bread with Pizza Dough
Make this Italian Sausage Bread in less than an hour with prepared pizza dough! You'll love the flavors of garlic, provolone and Romano cheeses! It's one of my most fun Italian Bread Recipes and is great for an appetizer or any meal.
two pieces of bread sitting on top of a white plate
Italian Rolls
You'll love these Crusty Italian Rolls! They're firm, brown and crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. They're one of my favorite Italian Bread Recipes!
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a white surface with the words bread machine italian bread
Bread Machine Italian Bread
Bread Machine Italian Bread is so delicious and easy! Just add the ingredients to the bread maker and program it. A fresh loaf of the best white bread will be ready for you in a few hours! It's the most convenient of my Italian Bread Recipes.
You can make Artisan Italian Bread in less than four hours without kneading it! You just stir the ingredients and let the dough rise. Shape it, let it rest, then bake! It's the easiest of my Italian Bread Recipes! Italian Bread Loaf, Olive Oil Dip, Bread Loaf, Italian Bread, No Knead, Instant Yeast
How to Make Artisan Italian Bread
You can make Artisan Italian Bread in less than four hours without kneading it! You just stir the ingredients and let the dough rise. Shape it, let it rest, then bake! It's the easiest of my Italian Bread Recipes!
a person dipping bread into a bowl of italian bread dipping oil with herbs on top
Italian Bread Dipping Oil
Make this Easy Bread Dipping Oil in five minutes to go with your favorite Italian Bread Recipes! You'll love the flavors of olive oil, rosemary, garlic and basil!
a close up of bread on a plate with the words italian garlic bread above it
Italian Garlic Bread
Italian Garlic Bread
a plate with crackers and cheese log on it next to other plates filled with crackers
Pecan Cheese Log
You just need 20 minutes to make this Pecan Cheese Log! It's the perfect cold appetizer spread for game day or your next gathering. You'll love its sweet-and-savory flavor!
a white plate topped with fried food next to a blue and white sign that says italian calamari fritter
Italian Calamari Fritti (Fried Squid)
Our family's Calamari Fritti recipe from Naples is so easy and delicious! Learn to make fried calamari (squid) rings coated with flour instead of bread crumbs. They're delicious with salt, pepper and lemon but can be dipped in marinara sauce.
a white plate topped with a slice of pizza next to a glass of water and lemon wedges
White Clam Pizza
You can make this White Clam Pizza in 30 minutes with prepared pizza dough! Featuring canned clams, buttery onions, garlic and Pecorino Romano, it's a fabulous appetizer pizza that's perfect for holidays, parties or any Friday night!
there is a drink with cherries and lemons in it on the plate next to another drink
Cherry Amaretto Sour
This Cherry Amaretto Sour is a delicious, festive drink for the holidays or any time of year! Make this black cherry cocktail with frozen cherries and a homemade sour mix using common ingredients.
Keto Stuffed Mushrooms recipe by Cooking with Mamma C. Plate of stuffed mushrooms garnished with basil. Stuffed Mushrooms With Cream Cheese, Keto Stuffed Mushrooms, Lemon Basil, Garlic Parmesan, So Delicious
Keto Stuffed Mushrooms
These Keto Stuffed Mushrooms with cream cheese are low-carb and gluten free! They're so delicious and accented with lemon, basil, garlic, Parmesan, mozzarella and butter. Make them for an appetizer, side dish or meal prep!