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a digital painting of a cat with green eyes and black tail, standing in front of a blue background Art, Animation, Digital Art, Avatar, Virtual Reality, 3d Characters, 3d Model, 3d Animation, 3d Illustration
Rex=king and ouium=Care taker․ They are the king care takers of their world․
a woman with long black hair and piercings on her face is featured in an ad for the best vr chat ever Post Apocalyptic, 3d, Models, Clothing, Blender, Model, Cat Girl
Best VrChat Avatars 2024 - Management Guru
Best VrChat Avatars 2024 - Use this curated list of multitude of vrchat avatars, assets, 3d models, accessories, clothing and blender files.
Envy ⨯ VRChat 3D Model ⨯ 3.0 Phys Bones
Action, Dankest Memes
VrChat Avatars With a Twist | Action VrChat Avatars
Deuzear - Vrchat
Celestis - VRChat Avatar with Scratch Assets ( PC & Quest )
a close up of a cartoon character with red eyes Miku, Medias, Making Youtube Videos, Need This, Shit Happens