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Pea Season 🫛
@seattleurbanfarmco It’s officially pea season here! 🫛🌱 We’ve had so much fun growing peas on our lavender Freyr trellises. Link in bio for more info on our compostable twines, trellis clips, and our indestructible Freyr trellis (which are on SALE for the first time ever! Sale prices through 5/29)💜 . . . #peas #snappeas #sugarsnappeas #trellis
Formas fáciles de cultivar verduras y frutas
two baskets with flowers in them are sitting on a bench next to an old window
How To: Easy Beautiful Fabric Roses - Pocketful of Posies
How To: Easy Beautiful Fabric Roses - Pocketful of Posies
Branches Rooting Method Using a Cheap Drinking Container
an arbor with flowers growing on it next to a brick building and shrubbery in the background
Bloemen om de regenpijp.. Foto geplaatst door ptd op
Method for cultivating money tree with water
Propagate your FLF
Let’s make some free Baby Pothos Plants!
How I Save My Plants
an illustrated guide to indoor plants that are easy to grow and keep in the house
I was told you guys might enjoy this chart I drew up for my mum! (x-post from r/houseplants)
an image of plants that are growing in the garden with text overlaying them
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