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a drawing of a person on a skateboard with their arms out in the air
a drawing of two gloves with one hand on the top and one in the middle
the process is being made with paper and glues to make an art project for kids
Perfect Christmas gift from the kids in my class to their parents! Love these. Such a cute and simple ornament.
four hats made out of paper with flowers on them, all in blue and white
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Winter hats craftivity. These would make an adorable bulletin board!
the snow globes are decorated with christmas scenes
a group of snowmen made out of paper on top of a blue piece of cloth
Winter kleuters
Sneeuwpop van vingerafdrukken
an advertisement for snow globe fingerprint craft featuring a snowman in a snow globe
Christmas & Winter Fingerprint Craft Ideas For Kids
Sassy Dealz: Christmas & Winter Fingerprint Craft Ideas For Kids
a snowman made out of foam sitting next to a bowl of white frosting
Snow Paint Recipe
SHIVERY snow paint is easy to make and SO FUN! Kids can create snowmen and other works of art that dry puffy and are COLD to the touch.
a christmas tree made out of popsicle sticks on a pink background with a star hanging from the top
Mama Jenn | Helping you homeschool with ease & creativity!
Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament
two snowflakes made out of marshmallows on a blue background
Q-Tip Snowflakes
Q-tip Snowflakes
a group of snowmen with musical notes on them
Kids Artists
Kids Artists: winter